1992 - 1995
Better Underwater Breathing Apparatus (BUBbA) was my first design to produce parental anxiety. I proudly showed Mom a system of tubes and valves (pictured at right) that would let me explore the bottom of our pond. She responded with a Motherly lecture to her eleven year old about the dangers of drowning. A few trips to the hardware store later, I floated on the surface of our pond excitedly breathing with the aid of BUBbA. The inlet and outlet valves pictured in my first sketch prevented dead space problems. Anxious to plumb the depths of our pond, I grabbed a big rock and descended into the abyss. About three feet underwater, my lungs couldn't expand against the pressure and Mom once again proved her wisdom.
first bubba schematic
revised bubba schematic Discouraged, I returned to the drawing board. About three years later, BUBbA returned with a car battery, an old truck innertube, an air compressor, an air regulator, and a vengeance (schematic at left). The arrangement kept a three Liter soda bottle at the same pressure as the surrounding water. I discovered that the bottom of a pond is pretty boring.
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