Original schematic Solenoid Powered Engine
1989 - 1995
Like BUBbA, this idea evolved over several years. I thought I was going to solve the World's energy problems with a design for an electric car. The power source consisted of a low-voltage battery driving a DC motor that would power a high voltage generator. "You can't create energy out of no-where, you might as well invent a perpetual motion machine," Mom told me when I was nine. I figured I'd get my car running before trying the perpetual motion machine. This power source was to be connected to a hybrid motor: two opposed permanent magnets and two electromagnets would act as a piston to drive a crankshaft (see schematic at left). A few years later when I became familiar with solenoids, I revisited this idea.
single cylinder motor The result was two motors. The first one used a cam to switch current to a single solenoid. The second iteration used a rudimentary shaft encoder disk, infrared sensors, and two solenoids to drive a crankshaft at several thousand RPM. After a day of searching at the US Patent Office with my Dad, I was disappointed to see that a similar hybrid motor had already been invented. However, it did provide trips to the State Science Fair and the International Science and Engineering Fair.
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twin cylinder motor